Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Smoke Rise Village Inn “At Home” Family and “At Home” A La Carte Packages

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year let the staff at Smoke Rise Inn make you look like you slaved in a hot kitchen all day when all you really did was turn on your oven. The Inn has two special offerings this year designed to make your day a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

Our “At Home Family Package” covers everything from cocktail hour through dessert, from potatoes to pecan pie, all items fully prepared and require only a simple reheat. The turkey, which is brined and dressed, is the only item that requires any cooking on your part. A full list of instructions will accompany your package to take any guess work out of the process.  We even include house wine to save you a trip to the wine shop.

Also available is the Inn’s A la Carte “At Home” menu where you can purchase individual sides, platters and desserts to either add to your homemade favorites or to take with you to your Thanksgiving destination.